"Major Brasseur made the evening worthwhile. Her speech was both motivational and entertaining"
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The comments from the attending employers and graduates have been overwhelming.
I thought I would include a few of them to add to the level of gratification we all feel for having heard your message:

In my opinion, it was the speaker who made this a memorable event that I will recall for a long time. Not only was she both eloquent and passionate, but very inspirational. I certainly received many positive messages from her that will hopefully stick with me as I move on to the next phase of my life.

Major Brasseur made the evening worthwhile. Her speech was both motivational and entertaining.
I think that you should attempt to get her to speak at all the networking events in the future.

It is an individual like you, who enlightens individuals and challenges the perspective of all for the benefit of all, whom I personally find a pleasure interacting with. You have touched so many individuals in so many ways and for that I thank you!



Mark Frenette, Director of Career Services
Information Technology Institute, Toronto, ON



On behalf of the Montana Aeronautics Division, the Montana Aeronautics Board and the Helena Host Committee, please accept our sincere appreciation for your participation in our Montana Aviation Conference. The success of this Conference is largely dependent upon the willingness of our keynote speakers to share such a wide variety of experience and expertise with our aviation community. Your presentation was a highlight of our program.

Montana Aeronautics Division


Michael D. Ferguson - Administrator
Montana Aeronautics Division


Nevada Women’s Fund RenoYour message that you can achieve whatever you want by making choices, setting goals and taking responsibility for actions was powerfully delivered and well received.

Fritsi H. Ericson President & CEO
Nevada Women’s Fund Reno




The feedback on your presentation from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive. You are a true Canadian success story and no doubt inspired our audience with your grit, determination and infectious enthusiasm. I have attended many conferences and have listened to far too many 'motivational' speakers. Although there are many interesting public speakers and 'coaches', it was refreshing to hear someone who, not only 'talks the talk', but rather someone who has truly accomplished many significant goals and who has 'walked the walk'

P.J. McFadden, B.Adm., FCIP, CFE - President
Quelmec/McLarens Toplis Canada


Thank you for the fascinating talk you gave at the National Aviation Museum. You attracted a large crowd and our visitors thoroughly enjoyed your presentation."

C.J. Terry Director General
National Aviation Museum

We continue to receive glowing reviews about your talks...we really owe you a great debt of gratitude."

Barbara E. Crowder - National Director
The Association of Canadian Clubs




On behalf of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC), I wish to sincerely thank you for participating as a seminar leader, during our 100th Anniversary National Conference "Back To The Future". Your session for the Companion’s Luncheon was extremely well received by our conference delegates and greatly contributed to a very successful conference.

Richard McKeagan
President MCAC

On behalf of the Ontario Hospital Association, I would like to thank you for participating in the session entitled "Change - Meeting the Challenge" at the 72nd annual OHA Convention & Exhibition. Your presentation was relevant, informative and well received by those in attendance. I spoke to several delegates on the Wednesday afternoon who commented that this was the best session of the entire convention.

Robert Houlden - Manager
Education & Convention Services
The Association of Canadian Clubs



On behalf of our achievers and board of directors, thank you very much for being our keynote speaker at out Halton Business Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Dinner. Your address to the audience, made up of Junior Achievement students, professionals and entrepreneurs, was extremely appropriate and well received. Your wit and humour added to the presentation making it fun and enjoyable for the audience. As this was a function celebrating successful people, who no doubt established, set and reset their goals you certainly showed the audience "The Sky is Not the Limit"!

Sue Suess, President & Ceo
Junior Achievement of Halton

Your experience in the Canadian Armed Forces coupled with your exuberant and energetic speaking style created a very impressive address. Responses from all in attendance were very positive as everyone enjoyed your motivational words of wisdom. "The Sky Is Not The Limit" is an ideology which can easily be related to our personal lives as well as objectives within the workplace.

Rosemary Douglas Sales & Promotions
Ottawa Tourism & Convention Authority

I felt this last Leadership Management International (LMI) Distributors meeting was the best I have attended since being with LMI, and in my opinion your contribution was significant in making it so. I really enjoyed your presentation and can see an incredibly close fit between your philosophy on life and what we do in Leadership Management International."

Sandy McVey - President
Direct Management




Dee has the incredible ability to connect with and to captivate an adolescent audience. Her sense of humour and presentation style had our students from Halton Hills mesmerized. Dee's presentation is more than just about flying. It's about believing in yourself, setting high expectations and achieving your goals no matter what obstacles may come your way! She is a living testament to her "success" formula and because she "walks her talk" adolescents know that what she says is "real". Dee is an inspiration to all of us; teachers, students and parents. I would highly recommend having her speak at your next function. We hope to make this a yearly event!"

Leslie McNabb, Guidance Counsellor
Stewarttown MiddleSchool, Georgetown, ON

Major D.M. Brasseur spoke to our grade 2, 3 and 5 classes at Sawmill Valley Public School. Her versatility as a speaker was evident through her personal anecdotes, thought provoking ideas, sense of humour, slides and "military gear". All of the above served to motivate and excite the children and staff. The message she gave us was that hard work, vision and education enable us to do or be anything that we want. We would "highly" recommend Major Brasseur’s presentation to any school."

Jan Fairweather Principal
Sawmill Valley Public School

"Please convey our appreciation for her efforts in providing interesting and informative lectures for our classes and for her willingness to work so closely with our students. Her lectures were well prepared, informative and elicited considerable discussion."

D. Facey-Crowder Ph.D. Associate Professor
Memorial University of Newfoundland


What the Experts Say

WHAT  THE EXPERTS SAY"Dee spoke about goals. If I stick to mine, then someday I can soar as high as a jet! Dee taught me that even though times get tough; if you stay on track you can accomplish anything. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Dee speak on goals and accomplishing them. I too now see the importance of staying on track and getting things done."

Duncan Cairns, Student Council President
Stewarttown MiddleSchool, Georgetown, ON

"She really inspired me to stick to my dreams and never let anyone get in the way of what I want to do. She told me never to give up no matter how bad things get."

Chris Darling, Grade 8 Student
Stewarttown MiddleSchool, Georgetown, ON

"Dee helped me to realize that anything is possible. We are all potential waiting to be released. She helped me to realize that not everyone has to go to College or University to be someone special or somebody important. She helped me to fight for what I believe in and to always push for something more. Her presentation was an eye opening experience... one that everyone should be able to experience!"

Alison Minto, Grade 8 Student
Stewarttown MiddleSchool, Georgetown, ON