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Set the stage for your conference, convention or meeting with a high-powered, motivating, fun-filled, presentation!

The Sky is not the Limit

The Sky is not the Limit Enjoy an upbeat, fast-paced, motivating presentation, spiced with humour as Dee recounts her history making career journey from the rank of Private "Desk Jockey" Secretary to Major "Jet Jockey" Fighter Pilot. An outstanding visual presentation sets the stage background while drawing from an accumulated 2,500 hours of jet flying and a wealth of unique life experiences, Dee shares with you her "Daring-Do, Go-Fast Flying Tales". Home grown down to earth 'Life's Lessons Learned, the Secrets of Success and How You Too Can Dream Big Dreams and Turn them into Reality!'

Unlock your Unlimited Potential

If you continue to do what you've always done you will get what you've always gotten. Often we think we are doing things differently and yet we end up with the same results. Researchers estimate that we are only using 3 to 5 % of our total potential! MIND MATTERSAlbert Einstein and Thomas Edison said they felt that they were using 10 to 15 % of their potential and look at what they contributed to the universe! Imagine, 95% of your potential lies waiting for you to discover the "Key" to creating abundance. How would your life change if you could double your income, eliminate stress and create all that you desire? How unlimited are you? Learn the keys to accessing all the resources you have within!

Mind Matters

Master simple and easy techniques to change instantly! A fun-filled, action-packed, presentation during which you get to discover and personally experience instant change! ACHIEVING PERSONAL MASTERYExperience the latest leading edge "people skills". The words you speak create your reality. Discover the *Master Key* to unlock the secrets of excellence in communicating technology. Discover the tip of the iceberg of excellent communicating skills. Guaranteed, you will leave this presentation a changed person!

Achieving Personal Mastery

What if you could learn *sure fire ways* of instantly changing your experience of the moment? Do those obstacles appear to be show stoppers? Running out of steam on your climb up the corporate ladder of success? Ever had a hurdle in life which seems impossible to overcome? Obstacles are opportunities in disguise! They are the muscle builders of the mind, body and soul. Fascinating easy techniques guaranteed to give you the 'how to' lead the life you desire. Discover how amazing and simple it can be to make those seemingly impossible problems magically disappear and become triumphs!