Major (Ret.) Dee Brasseur


An experienced speaker, trainer and coach with "Daring Do" and "Go Fast" flying tales
Dee is a dynamic, versatile speaker with a keen sense of humour, guaranteed to entertain, educate and motivate.
Some of her themes and topics include:
  • The Sky is Not the Limit
  • Unlock your Unlimited Potential
  • Discover the Magic of your Mind
  • Achieving Personal Mastery
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Dee Brasseur

Aviation pioneer and CF-18 pilot

An international, history-making, aviation pioneer, Major (Ret.) Dee Brasseur is one of the first two women in the world trained and qualified to fly the CF-18 "Hornet", Canada's sophisticated supersonic jet fighter aircraft.

Throughout a 21-year distinguished military career, Dee rose in the ranks from Private "Desk Jockey" Secretary to Major "Jet Jockey" Pilot, accumulating 2,500 hours of flying experience and a wealth of unique life experiences!

A professional speaker since 1994, Dee has spoken to thousands of people across Canada, the United States and Europe. She guarantees to create successful conventions, meetings, in-service programs and seminars.


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